Software Factory has a proven Trust Estate Management Information System solution locally developed called TrustSoft in operation at the largest Trustee Corporation in Fiji. The TrustSoft software took 14 months to develop with a 4-member development team.


  • Deceased or Living details
  • Estate details
  • Beneficiary details
  • Property details
  • Tracks type of Estate – Estate, Trust, FNPF
  • Tracks type of Trust – Cash, Non-Cash, FNPF, Advance
  • Separate Financials for Trust Estate and Trustee Corporation

  • Financial transactions are posted via Events
  • Events dictate the transactions generated by the system
  • Transactions are posted to the subsidiary ledgers as well as the general ledgers
  • Easy Reversal of transactions posted under a reference number
  • Keeps track of Trust Cash invested
  • Distributes the declared dividend to Trust Cash Accounts
  • Segregation of duties is supported

  • Facility to generate a standard Personal Will
  • File Movement Tracker
  • Account Statements on Demand
  • 30 Reports – Ready-made
  • Diary Notes
  • Settlement Tabs for mid-stream settlement
  • Proven Financial Integrity

  • Easy to use
  • Scalable – from 150 clients to 150,000 clients
  • Integrated directly to your existing Accounting System
  • Multi branch
  • Security – User Authentication
  • Cheque Printing
  • Audit Trails

Prospective Customers for TrustSoft:

TrustSoft is well suited for Public Trustee organisations that are administering Trust Estates for the Deceased and for the Living, and for Accounting Firms and Law Firms who are administering Estates for the Deceased. Also applicable to Unit Trust Corporations.