Software Factory is a proven Loans & Savings System solution provider with our locally developed banking software (Loans & Savings Management System) in operation at a number of government, semi-government and commercial Banks in Fiji and the Pacific region.

Key Features

  • Customer details
  • Account details
  • Calculates interest  on both Reducing Balance & Flat Interest
  • Loans on Mortgage, Motor Vehicle, Commercial, Agricultural etc.
  • Lease Financing
  • Multiple Repayment Schedule
  • Multiple Interest rate Schedule

  • Effective Arrears Notices
  • Account Statements on Demand
  • 160 Reports – Ready-made
  • Diary Notes
  • Settlement Tabs for mid-stream settlement
  • Legal documentation templates
  • Executive Information System
  • Proven Financial Integrity

  • Easy to use
  • Scalable – from 150 clients to 150,000 clients
  • Integrated directly to your choice of Accounting System
  • Complies to internationally acceptable provision guidelines for impaired assets
  • Multi branch
  • Security – User Authentication
  • Cheque Printing
  • Audit Trails

  • For Welfare Associations:  Keeps track of all Member Accounts – Membership Subscription, Loans, Savings
  • For Credit Unions: Keeps track of all Member Accounts – Savings (Shares), Loans, Dividend Accumulator based on interest and fees charged on reducing balance on Loans Account

The Loans & Savings Management System software has now been successfully implemented at the following Financial Institutions:

  • Fiji Development Bank (Fiji)
  • Asset Management Bank (Fiji)
  • Development Bank of Tuvalu (Tuvalu)
  • Niue Development Bank (Niue)
  • Development Bank of Samoa (Samoa)
  • Samoa Housing Corporation – Mortgage variation (Samoa)
  • Fiji National Provident Fund (Fiji)

  • Samoa Lands Corporation – Land variation (Samoa)
  • Fijian Teachers Association Social Welfare – Staff Association variation (Fiji)
  • Tuvalu National Provident Fund – Super variation (Tuvalu)
  • Retirement Fund Board (Tonga)
  • Vanuatu National Provident Fund (Vanuatu)
  • Samoa National Provident Fund
  • Kiribati Housing Authority

  • Kiribati National Provident Fund
  • Solomon Islands Home Finance Limited
  • Tonga Retirement Fund Board
  • Tonga National Retirement Benefits Fund
  • Samoa National Provident Fund
  • Samoa Life Assurance Corporation

Prospective Customers for Loans & Savings Management System:

The Loans & Savings Management System is well suited for Loans & Savings Societies, Home Finance, Staff Associations, Credit Unions, Provident Funds, Welfare Societies, Retirement Funds Board, and MicroFinance.