Software Factory (Fiji) Limited is pleased launch its new SuperSoft™, a superannuation fund management system, that is geared specifically towards the Pacific Islands Super and Provident Funds. The system is designed and built entirely by our experienced designers, developers and financial integrators based in Suva, Fiji.

SuperSoft™ is a game-changer for Pacific Super Funds.

SuperSoft™ is a major system upgrade to its predecessor, the existing Fund Management System (FMS). The FMS has been running successfully at a number of Provident Funds in the Pacific.

Here are 20 reasons why SuperSoft™ will be a Game-Changer:

  • 100% accuracy on contribution distribution to member accounts
  • Zero unallocated contribution funds
  • Employers registration on-line
  • Employers generate contribution schedule on-line
  • Employers direct bank payments
  • Employer enquiries on-line anytime anywhere
  • Member on-line access anytime anywhere

  • Member on-line eligibility tests
  • Member on-line application for partial withdrawal
  • On-line access via Smartphone or Tablets
  • Secure nomination of beneficiaries
  • Flexible Exit Plans options
  • Customisable interest/dividend calculation
  • Flexible Tax management options

  • Easy compliance and fraud detection
  • Seamless integration to GL (Accounting System)
  • Dashboard of KPIs for Executives
  • Cloud-ready meaning it can also be deployed to the Cloud
  • Financial integrity guaranteed with the new Financial Transaction Events engine
  • Xpress Loan Module for members only

Deploy and host on In-House Server or to a Secure Cloud Service Provider

SuperSoft™ is not only designed for the current era, but also for the future with its in-built flexibility to be deployed to the Cloud when it does become necessary. Initially, your Board may decide to host the system within your In-house Servers utilising your own in-house resources. We can deploy and host SuperSoft™ within your in-house servers. However, if in 5 years time you do decide to host it to a secure Cloud Service Provider then it takes us only a few weeks to ready it (Supersoft) for cloud-deployment.

Mobile access and touch-centric

SuperSoft™ is touch-centric meaning that you can use your latest Smartphone or Tablet to access the system and apply any of the usual gestures to navigate and use the system.


Members can use their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, and Windows Phones and Windows Surface Pro tablets or Surface Books.


Members can also use the ever popular standard text based mobile (feature phones) to access their account balances and check for their eligibility.


Provided your provident fund allow its members the access to their accounts then it means that they can access their accounts from anywhere and anytime locally or any other part of the world.


It’s easy and convenient.

Winning features

  • Integrated System – Keeps Members/Employers sub-ledgers amounts reconciled to the General Ledger amounts
  • Automatic and seamless integration to any Accounting system through the use of the import facility
  • Ability to accommodate members loan accounts should it be introduced in the future
  • Members and Employers Accounts are separated according to Sub-Accounts linked to them allowing members and employers to have their statements printed individually by the above categories or they can print only one summarised statements comprising of all the categories

  • Automatic generation of invoices for penalty fees – finance officers do not need to enter the amount to be charged, it is picked from the Fees Schedule
  • Automatic alerts – Alerts are either reported or emailed to designated officers upon certain criteria with the members or employers accounts are met
  • Highly Secure System – users can only perform the tasks according to their Job Descriptions. It is a role based system, whereby users can only perform tasks permitted by their roles
  • Dividend accumulator will give your provident fund an opportunity to distribute the dividends to members on the basis of the true-time-value-of-money.