Software Factory is a proven solution provider with our locally developed University Students Administration System (USAS) also known as StudentSoft. The StudentSoft software is in operation at Fiji’s leading Medical training institution.


Pre-Enrolment Module

  1. Insertion of Applicant Personal and Education Details
  2. Auto rating of students according to marks
  3. Selection and conversion into Students

Enrolment/ Account Module

  1. Enrolment of Students – Students are enrolled in Programs and Courses
  2. Invoicing – Invoicing is done according to Program/Course Fee Structure
  3. Academic Holds – Students can be put on Academic Hold for various reasons
  4. Automatic Finance Holds – Finance Holds is automated when fees are overdue
  5. Account Maintenance – feature to change/update student account particulars
  6. Transaction Movement and Account Statement for all Students/Sponsors.
  7. Students with Holds can not enrol , obtain results or graduate

Financial Module

  1. All financials (Receipts, Payments, Journals) relating to Students/Sponsors
  2. Real Time Processing of Transactions
  3. Easy Integration with Sun Systems General Ledger
  4. Transactions reconciled at the end of day.
  5. Secure Transaction processing – all the transactions are logged together with the Date/Time and name of the Officer.

Course Catalogue Module

  1. Maintenance of Programs
  2. Maintenance of Courses
  3. Maintenance of Program Courses – The courses that need to be completed in order to complete the Program
  4. Fees Structure – maintenance on Fees based on Program and Year Level.
  5. Course Offer – Students can only enrol in the Courses that are offered in any year or semester. This will get rid of incorrect enrolments.
  6. Academic Office will allocate Conveners/Coordinators to each Course Offer.

Course Assessment Module

  1. Course Conveners will enter Assessment details for each course they are convening
  2. Course Coordinators will enter Remarks after the system has graded the students
  3. There are cut-off date for entering of marks and remarks
  4. Entering of marks/remarks is secured – one can enter details for only the Course they are Convening/Coordinating
  5. Grading is Automatic and is done by the System

Student On-line Access on the internet

  1. Continuing Students select courses on-line
  2. Academic Counsellors approve/decline request on-line
  3. Automatic Invoicing
  4. Automatic sending of emails to both Students and Conveners
  5. Student Grades available on line

Reports Module

  1. Financial Reports – Transaction Listing, Outstanding Balances, General Ledger Interface Reports, Ageing of Student Debtors
  2. Academic Reports – Class Listings, Application Listings, Result Notices, Academic Transcripts, Enrolments Forms etc

General Features

  • Integrated System – Keeps Students Academic and Financial data in one system
  • Semi Automatic generation of invoices – finance officers do not need to enter the amount to be charged, it is picked from the Fees Schedule
  • Automatic Holds – Students will not be able to enrol, obtain results or graduate if they have dues. Finance Holds are automatic
  • Students will not be able to avoid fees – they will have to complete the enrolment process for their name to appear in the Class List and then only they will be allocated Grades
  • Highly Secure System – users can only perform the tasks according to their Job Descriptions. It is a role based system, whereby users can only perform tasks permitted by their roles

  • Scalable – from 150 students to 150,000 students
  • Integrated directly to your existing Accounting System
  • Multi branch
  • Security – User Authentication
  • Audit Trails

  • Segregation of duties is supported
  • Account Statements on Demand
  • 30 Reports – Ready-made
  • Proven Financial Integrity
  • Easy to uses

Prospective Customers for StudentSoft:

StudentSoft is well suited for smaller Universities and PolyTech Institutions.