“delight them”


“we help our clients deliver their services to their clients, and in the process we all can make some money”


“we are blessed with artistic gifts to design and develop systems”


“we are all in this together, so let’s work hard and be honest in our dealings”


Software Factory’s core competence is business systems analysis, software design, software development, software implementation and IT Support Services.

Software Factory Limited is a young and exciting technology-based business located at Level 2, HFC Bank Centre, Suva CBD, Fiji. It is a factory made up of a group of young, loyal, committed and qualified software developers who simply love to do software design and software development.

We became a company on the 27th February 2001 and we are continuing to grow into a stable and sustainable operation, and we are on course to meeting our company’s year 2021 mission. Our clients include Development Finance Institutions and Superannuation Fund Institutions in Fiji and around the Pacific region.

We provide remote-site support to all our clients in the Pacific, and regular annual visits to all the island nations. Software Factory Limited strongly believes that it has the experience and resources to provide software design, development and implementation services to any private company or Government institutions.

Our systems are developed locally and our support is within reach from any location within Fiji. Other Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian islands are now accessible over a one-hop flight from Nadi Airport or from Auckland, New Zealand.

Design and Development

In terms of software design and software development in Fiji and the South Pacific Region, Software Factory Limited has the most number of experienced software developers specializing in the world’s most popular enterprise-wide software development platform of MVC. ASP, and C# under the.Net for the client end and the Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS engine at the back end

To ensure that we are on par with world’s best practices in Software Development, we have standardised our development on the Microsoft .net framework. We commit a lot of our time and resources in getting our developers to be trained on this development framework. The new Microsoft MVC Framework has cut our development time by 40%, a major savings for our team. Consequently, these savings will be passed down to our customers.

We expect further improvement in our delivery times with the introduction of new and exciting tools from Microsoft as was recently announced at its Build 2016 conference.

Our Year 2021 Mission

is to build a six pronged Core Business Financial Application Suite comprising;

Software Factory Limited is a boutique software development house for Enterprise wide application systems. Our Software Development Team possesses extensive experience in financial applications and is fully familiar with the Reserve Bank guidelines on Debtors Provisioning and Loan Classification for Impaired Assets. Our team has a very high work rate and a track record for delivering applications on-time and on-budget.