Software Factory designed and developed a Post-Graduate Research Portal in collaboration with the University of the South Pacific.


  • Master Research Status – keeps track of the status of the Research
  • Proposal – A proposal must be formulated
  • Supervisor Assigned
  • Milestone must be tracked
  • Milestone Update – milestones can be changed and updated
  • Project Progress Report – every 3 and 6 months a progress report must be submitted Faculty
  • Thesis Chapter formulation

  • Final Thesis
  • Proposed Summary of Research Scope & Title
  • Thesis Examination Preparation
  • HOS List of Nominated Examiners
  • FRC List of Approved Examiners
  • Examiner Letter of Offer with Final Contract
  • Access Details to Research Thesis

  • Examiner Recommendation Report Received
  • Examiners Assessment Recommendation (per Examiner)
  • Examiners Correction List
  • Faculty Report on Examiners Recommendation
  • FRC List of Approved Independent Arbitrator
  • Independent Arbitrator Letter of Offer & Contract
  • Access Details to Examiner’s Recommendation Report

  • Independent Arbitrator Recommendation Report
  • Independent Arbitrators Assessment Recommendation
  • Senate’s Decision
  • Library Copy of Thesis Recorded
  • Student Academic Services Confirmation of Research Completion
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • User & System Administration

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