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Hi and welcome,

Software Factory Limited is a software development company based in Suva, Fiji.

It is a business made up of a group of dedicated, loyal, and committed young and qualified software developers who simply love to do software design and software development.

We design, build, implement and support our own home-grown core business systems. Our suite of software products include: Banksoft (Loans & Savings Management System), Supersoft (Superannuation Fund Management System), Trustsoft (Trust Estates Administration System), Landsoft (Land & Resources Administration System), Medisoft (Hospital Information System), Studentsoft (University Student Administration System).

In addition we do design and develop customized applications for any types of business.

Our clients are mostly Development Banks, Provident Funds, Land & Resources Administrators, Hospitals, and Universities. However, our capabilities are not limited to these sectors.

Recently, we have experienced a rise in demand for a new breed of customised core business systems. These new demands reflect a new wave of institutional strengthening with increasing efficiencies and effectiveness on internal operations. Furthermore, to increase the levels of customer services through direct access to systems from mobile devices such as the basic feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Customers want more control of their information. They want services to be delivered as and when they need it. They no longer want the normal 8am to 4.30pm service window where they have to enter a door and line up for services. The new service window is 24/7, anywhere in the world, and immediate customer service.

Software Factory is now able to deliver these types of services through its new software development platforms. We now develop systems that are responsive meaning it can detect and adjust its screen presentations to a smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

In terms of software design and software development a number of experienced software developers specializing in the world’s most popular enterprise-wide software development platform of Microsoft .Net, ASP and C# for the client end and the Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS engine at the back end. We have 2 systems designers, 2 Lead Developers, 5 Software Developers, 1 WebApp Developer and 1 Financial Systems Analyst at our factory in Fiji. In addition we have our specialist partners in Sydney (banking systems), Canberra (database) and Wellington (consumer facing applications).

To ensure that we are on par with the world’s best practices in Software Development we recently invested in training on the latest MVC platform based on the Microsoft .net framework v5. We commit a lot of our time and resources in getting our developers to learn this development framework.

The new development platform has reduced our development time by 50%, a major savings on project development.
The recent announcement at the Build 2015 by Microsoft on the new development platform of Visual Studio 2015 is an exciting one. We will soon be able to develop native mobile Apps for the Apple iPhones, Android mobile phones, and Windows phones all from within the same Microsoft platform.

The future is exciting!

Founder & Chairman
Software Factory

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